Healthy And Tasty Oats Appe

Hello everyone, Today we are going to see how I experimented with making a food dish with oats. As you know, oats are very healthy and tasty, apart from masala oats we can make many more dishes with it. So it’s time to try a new recipe, Oats Appe a.k.a. Oats Appam. Ingredients: Oats – 1…

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Watermelon Smoothie 🍹

Hello everyone 😊 Summer is here, so we need to stay hydrated all the time. Today I’ve tried watermelon smoothie. I want to share the recipe with you all, hope you’ll like it. Ingredients: Watermelon Salt – according to your taste Lemon juice – 1 teaspoon Mint leaves – 10 to 12 Ice cubes Recipe:…

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Healthy and yummy oats chilla

Hello sweethearts ❤️ Today I’ve tried oats chilla and it was really nice and I’ve found it very healthy. So I want to share the recipe. INGREDIENTS: Oats – one cup 1 Onion – fine chopped 1 Tomato – fine chopped 2 chopped green chilies Chopped coriander leaves Semolina – 2 teaspoon Gram flour –…

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3 tips for Vaginal health

Hygiene: For a healthy vagina, hygiene is very important. You can use “v-wash” to wash it. V-wash is soap free and it maintains vagina’s ph level and is not harmful. Wash your vagina with v wash, thrice in a week. During periods, wash your vagina with V Wash regularly and change sanitary pad after every…

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What is health: According to world health organization “State of complete physical, mental, and social well being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” What I also personally believe is that ” health is related to happiness, mental stability, and physical fitness.”        

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4 tips to get rid of tan :)

    lemon: It’s very friendly to the skin. Cut a lemon and rub it on ur effective area. Once in a day. After few days you’ll get positive results.   Turmeric, gram flour, and milk: Mix them well and apply it to the effective area. After some time, wash it off with lukewarm water.…

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Useful kitchen tips

Wash your hands Hygiene is very important. So before you touch anything in the kitchen, wash your hands properly.   Stay calm For a good cooking session, you should stay calm. Because disturbed mind affects your cooking a lot. You can listen to music according to your choice. You can also prepare a plan before…

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