All About Positivity! (Part – 1)

“See the positive side, the potential, and make an effort.” -Dalai Lama


This life is God’s gift, don’t waste it.

Don’t be negative, always be positive. I know to be positive all the time is not easy, because it is human nature that before thinking about positives, negative thoughts come to our mind, so don’t worry, it is totally normal.

Don’t get affected by someone’s name, caste, religion, dressing sense, and eating habits. Everyone has right to choose a life as they want to live. Make your thinking broad and help others to cut their negativity and pass them good thoughts.

We should try to get rid of negativity and welcome the positive feelings in our life. In today’s blog post, we’ll discuss some steps which can help you.

Let us take a look.

Let It Go

Whatever bad happened in your life, let it go. I know it is not easy but at least give yourself a chance and take your time. Don’t fight with your feelings, don’t hold back your tears and please don’t conceal your emotions. If you want to cry, let your tears come out, or you want to yell, do it.
If something bad happens don’t get stuck in it, and try to move on. It is tough to do but not impossible, nothing is unmanageable in this life, we should think about how we can move on from this situation. You can read, write, dance or exercise to keep yourself from coming back to a negative thought or feeling.
Most important thing is not to think “HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN?” because this is life and life is unpredictable, it throws surprises at us at every step, so take every surprise with a smile and enjoy every moment.


Meditation, Yoga or Gym

Meditation help to distract your mind from negative thoughts because it brings your attention to your breath, in this case, you keep your focus away from any type of thoughts, ease your mind, and relax your body.
A relaxed mind and healthy body lead your life to happiness and positivity. Physical activity boosts your brain power, it controls every kind of addiction and helps to reboot your body clock. Workout increases and improves the quality of your self-esteem.
Meditation helps you to stay focused, so you can think about new things and learn new stuff. This will lead you to a positive path and you can feel a huge change in yourself, which is really healthy.


Positive Environment

It is very important to live in an environment and company of positive human beings. If you are living with some low-spirited and gloomy people, you will find that you are developing a sad personality, but if you are living with some cheerful and gleeful people, after some time you’ll find that you are developing a beaming face and becoming a jolly person.
In short, nature of people around you is really important for a positive surrounding, a positive abode is directly connected to an enthusiastic mind. You should socialize, it will help you to find positive personalities, spending more time with your loved ones, helps you to feel positive.



“Smile. It instantly lifts the face, and it just lights up the room.” – Christie Brinkley

A smiling face is an attractive one, so don’t forget to wear a smile no matter if you are alone or going out. Your smile can make other people feel good and this makes you happy and confident about yourself.
If you are feeling depressed, just smile! it is going to be a miracle for you, a smile releases endorphins, this hormone has lots of benefits. Like reducing pain and stress, a balance of appetite, release of sex hormones, and intensification of the immune system.
A smile can increase your positive thoughts because a smile can give you delightful facial expressions, it boosts your productivity and makes you more creative, which makes you feel good and beautiful about yourself.



“Similar to books, music can influence our lives in a positive or negative way.”- Catherine Pulsifer 

Music is a very fascinating and wonderful way for being positive, when your mind is full of negative thoughts, turn your favorite tune on and make yourself feel good. But it doesn’t mean that you play a sad song just because you are feeling like it, it’s good to listen slow and calm music but when you are in your sad mood, tune up a cheerful song which can lighten up your mood.
Music boosts your thoughts to positivity and it can change your attitude about life, about people, and about yourself. Music is magical, it can make you happier within a minute, decrease your stress level and helps you to sleep well.


To be continued…



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