Tips For Healthy and Happy Relationship Between Couples

Relationships are bound to go through some really tough and pretty sad phases. Being happy with your partner is very important as well as being romantic and being together forever. For any relationship to grow healthy, happy, and strong you have to take some efforts.

These are some tips to make a relationship beautiful between you two.


Speak Up

Communication is very important for a happy relationship. Nobody is able to read another person’s mind so you should express your feelings to your partner, no matter good or bad. You should discuss all your problems, happiness, and daily routine because less communication leads to misunderstanding and pretty ugly arguments. It is normal to mishear or misunderstand your partner so before making it becomes a fighting moment, you should clarify each and every-thing.

The most important part of a communication is concentration, keep away all your distractions like phone and laptop from you and speak up properly, so your partner can understand you. Don’t hesitate or hide your feelings. It’s important to be confident and make an eye contact with your partner while communicating, and it’s equally important to show attention to your partner and be careful about your tone.

Be A Good Listener

Listening to each other is also very important in a relationship. If you don’t listen to your partner properly, it can lead to misunderstandings. You should listen to your partner first then speak, don’t interrupt your partner when he/she is trying to pour the feelings out.

A good listener knows how to wait for his/her turn and manage the emotions while listening. Don’t be judgemental, if your partner is angry, unreasonable or is in any other mental state, try to listen calmly without any criticism or judgment. You should show your partner that you are listening to him/her without any distraction.

Personal Space Is Must

You both are individuals, remember this. In every relationship, personal space is important, no matter how good a relationship is, you need your personal time. Sticking together all the time leads to suffocation in the relationship, and spending too much time together also a leads to a lot of arguments. Spending some time away from your beloved one doesn’t mean that you don’t love your partner, every person is different and it’s totally okay to spend some time alone or with friends.

Personal space doesn’t mean that you stay away from your partner all the time, personal space means spend some time with yourself or your friends or focus on your hobbies. It makes your relationship healthier because when you spend some time away from your partner, you start focusing on other aspects of your life, which is very important and helpful for you, personally.

Trust Each Other

Trust is an important factor in a happy and healthy relationship, it is a base of any relationship and you can also say that trust is more important than love. If there is no trust then there is no meaning of your relationship because if you can’t trust your partner, you’ll always fight with them for silly reasons like talking with someone else, not answering your calls or messages and many more things.

Trusting someone means you are thinking that your partner is trustworthy, will never cheat on you, share his/her secrets, you’ll feel safe and happy with them. Trust is one of the strongest glue which holds everything together between a couple. If you can’t trust your partner, you can’t get attached to him/her emotionally because it helps us to express our feelings to our partner.

Trust issues lead to misunderstanding, arguments, and many more problems. Trusting your partner will help you both to maintain a balance between your love life and other relationship which you are sharing with your family and friends. In short, trust is a magical bond between you two, which makes your relationship more beautiful and lovely.

Compliments Are Beauty Of A Relationship

Complimenting your partner is also important in a relationship. When you receive a compliment, you feel good about yourself, but do you give compliments to your partner?
When you live 24×7 with your partner, sometimes you take him/her for granted, you forget to appreciate their looks or cooking or any other efforts, that is not good for a relationship. Do notice your partner and always give him/her a compliment, it will make their day.

Compliments will show that you notice what they do, you are paying attention to them, and you care about what your partner does. Compliments will show that you are attracted towards your partner and love them completely, and it will build self-confidence in your beloved one. It will create a positive environment for you two, it will also make your partner more creative, it is really easy to do, so give a positive compliment to your partner when he/she really deserve it and it will lead to more love.

Things Which Are Not So Physical Like Intimacy

Apart from sex, there are many more important things in a relationship which gives you happiness and makes you both closer. Go for a movie together, eat breakfast or lunch or go on a romantic candlelight dinner date, go for an evening walk, workout together, go for a vacation or cook together.

Imagine, one day you woke up and you saw your husband with a cup of tea for you, how romantic! it can make your whole day great. So do these kinds of little things which will lead your relationship to a happy path.

Habit Of Letting Go

Forget about the previous day’s fight and remembering only lovey-dovey moments is a good formula for a happy relationship. Don’t stretch a fight for too long, solve it at the end of the day and hug each other because discussing a bitter moment a lot can lead your relationship to a pretty ugly path, so it’s better to let it go. Instead of fighting with each other on old topics, sort it out and be together forever with lots of love.


Respecting your partner is very important in a relationship, it doesn’t mean only one factor, it’s about his/her character, time, presence, heart, family, and friends. Respect is the factor everyone deserves and it totally depends on your way of talking and body language. Don’t let down your partner’s self-respect.

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