3 tips for Vaginal health

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  • Hygiene:

For a healthy vagina, hygiene is very important. You can use “v-wash” to wash it. V-wash is soap free and it maintains vagina’s ph level and is not harmful. Wash your vagina with v wash, thrice in a week. During periods, wash your vagina with V Wash regularly and change sanitary pad after every 4 to 5 hours.

  • Healthy diet:

    A healthy diet is also very important for vaginal health. Yoghurt and turmeric are best friends of your vagina. Eat yoghurt and take one glass warm milk with turmeric, daily. Drink plenty of water. Green veggies, carrots, sweet potato and broccoli helps you to get rid of vaginal odour.
  • Get rid of vaginal odour:
Vaginal odour is a very big problem for every lady. It’s normal because every vagina has a slight smell. But when this smell becomes unbearable then you have to think about it.
Here are some tips for getting rid of vaginal odour:
1. hygiene
2. wear cotton underwear
3. consider a pH product
4. stay hydrated


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