Useful kitchen tips


Wash your hands

Hygiene is very important. So before you touch anything in the kitchen, wash your hands properly.


Stay calm

For a good cooking session, you should stay calm. Because disturbed mind affects your cooking a lot. You can listen to music according to your choice. You can also prepare a plan before you start cooking.



Wear apron

The apron is another very important tool you should use in your kitchen. You should wear it while cooking. The apron is going to make sure that your clothes stay clean and stain free.




Cut veggies, make the dough, put all ingredients near you, it can help a lot in cooking and help you save time.



While cooking, concentration is also very important. Concentrated mind helps you in good cooking. For this, Keep your phone away from you.


Clean platform

When you only have a small bit of space to do all your prep work, it’s helpful if, when you finish one task, you can clear it off quickly for the next. One way to do that is to peel vegetables over a paper towel or mat. When you’re finished, just scoop up the towel (and peels) and throw it in the trash. Instantly clean counter!




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